DB101 Example Content


Calculators and Tools

  • Benefits and Work Estimator [MN]

    Use the Benefits and Work Estimator to find out how a job may affect your disability benefits, health coverage, and total income.
  • School and Work Estimator [OH]

    Young people with disabilities can use the School and Work Estimator to find out how a job can affect their cash benefits and health coverage - and how staying in school can help.
  • Medicaid Buy-In Estimator [MI]

    See if you might qualify for Freedom to Work Medicaid and what your premium would be.
  • Vault Infrastructure + Activities [MN]

    Using Vault activities, see how to increase your income or access to health care through work. You can also save files that are important when planning for work and benefits.

Going to Work

Young People and Benefits

Cash Benefits

  • Housing [MI]

    Section 8, public housing, site-based housing, and other programs help pay for housing.
  • TANF [AZ]

    Cash Assistance (CA) helps families pay for basic needs like food, clothing, and rent.
  • SSI [NJ]

    SSI gives cash benefits to people with disabilities and seniors who have low income and low resources.
  • SSDI [NJ]

    SSDI gives cash benefits to people who worked and paid Social Security taxes before their disabilities limited their ability to work.
  • SNAP [MN]

    The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as Food Support or Food Stamps, helps you pay for food.
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance [MN]

    Private disability insurance provides monthly cash benefits to people who become disabled. People generally get short-term or long-term coverage through their employers or buy it on their own.
  • State Disability Insurance (SDI) [CA]

    Most California employees pay into a state insurance fund. If you've paid into the fund and can’t work because of a disability not related to your job, SDI pays you a benefit.
  • General Assistance [MN]

    The General Assistance (GA) program helps people without children pay for basic needs like rent and clothing.
  • Child Care Assistance [MN]

    Child care assistance programs help low income families pay for child care while parents work, look for work, or go to school.
  • Energy Assistance [MN]

    The Energy Assistance Program helps people who have low incomes pay for heating costs.

Health Coverage

  • Finding the Right Coverage for You [AK]

    Explore the best health coverage options for you with this interactive tool.
  • How Health Benefits Work [KY]

    Learn about the different ways you may be able to get health coverage.
  • Employer-Sponsored Coverage [CA]

    Employer-sponsored health plans are private insurance that you can get through your job, your parent’s job, or your spouse’s job.
  • Individual Coverage (Buying Coverage on Marketplace) [AZ]

    Individual health plans are private insurance that you can buy for yourself and your family through Healthcare.gov. The government may help you pay for your plan if you cannot afford it.
  • Long Term Services and Supports [NJ]

    Learn about programs that can help you live in your own place in the community.
  • Medicaid based on Income (MAGI Expansion) [MN]

    Income-based MA covers people with and without disabilities who have low income.
  • Medicaid based on Disability [MN]

    Disability-based MA covers people with disabilities who have low income.
  • Medicaid Buy-In [MN]

    MA-EPD lets people with disabilities who work pay a monthly premium to get MA coverage, no matter how much they make.
  • Medicaid Waiver Programs [MN]

    MA-Waiver programs help people with disabilities live in the community rather than in an institution.
  • HIV program [MN]

    Program HH provides services for Minnesotans living with HIV/AIDS who meet income guidelines. The program helps pay for the cost of drugs used to treat HIV and HIV-related conditions.
  • Personal Assistance Services [AZ]

    Personal Care Assistants provide diverse services to help you in your daily life.
  • Medicare [AZ]

    Medicare is public health coverage for people with disabilities and seniors.

Work Programs

  • Work Incentives [MO]

    Learn about how you can work and keep your cash and health benefits.
  • Programs that Support Work [AZ]

    Learn about programs that can help you find a job and protect your benefits once you've started working.
  • Ticket to Work Program [MN]

    The Ticket to Work program helps people getting SSI or SSDI become employed.

Asset Building


  • Vets Checklist [MI]

    Going from military to civilian life isn’t easy, but a good plan can make things smoother for you and your family.
  • VA Pension [MI]

    VA Pension offers monthly payments and other benefits to low-income, wartime veterans who are seniors, or have a permanent disability that is not connected to their military service. Family members of deceased vets may also get benefits.
  • VA Disability Compensation [MI]

    VA Disability Compensation gives tax-free monthly payments to veterans who have an injury or disease that happened while on active duty or was made worse by military service.